Steal These Looks: Tips Wear a Plain White Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is known to be a very comfortable shirt to have. Men should consider having this item since it can be matched in several occasions. In line with it, there are tips wear a plain white polo shirt.

White color is a neutral color to have. It is mentioned that you are suggested to have shirts in various neutral colors since they are such a savior. How to wear a white polo shirt? Here you go.

For Your Daily Wear

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As mentioned earlier, this shirt is very comfy to wear. The material of making a polo shirt is very friendly to your skin. Some famous brands even use best of the best materials to make this polo shirt of

As expected, a white polo shirt is very suitable for your daily wear. You can be yourself and still feel happy with your shirt. Additionally, white is a must-have color.

Best Option to Wear

When you are unsure of what kind of style you want to go, a polo shirt in white is what you should opt for. White is included in basic neutral colors with black and blue. Therefore, you should consider having clothing in white color.

As mentioned above, you may not sure to wear a certain style to go out or meet people. To replace the plan you have prepared, simply wear a white polo shirt with trousers. You can even add a jacket or jumper if necessary.

On a Date

Next tips wear a plain white polo shirt is to wear it on a date or even first date. A first date is very important. It will create a first impression for each other. Do you know what to wear?

A safe style to follow is to wear a polo shirt in white with jeans, a blazer-like jacket, and minimal trainers. You can go with smarter shoes if necessary.

Get to Work

For those who work in a casual work environment, wearing white polo shirt to the work is worth to try. It will perfectly to wear on a hot day. Do you consider this style?

In order to apply this style, a polo shirt is the most important thing. It can be matched with light summer trousers or chinos. Chinos have been known widely to be a good option you can choose for many occasions.

Go to a Casual Wedding

Many weddings have been held in a casual way. It is to make the audience comfortable and create a warm situation. It will make a happier wedding day. If any of you get an invitation to attend a casual wedding, a polo shirt is fine.

A polo shirt is still fine to wear on a wedding. What you should add is to wear a suit. Try to get a perfect color that is matched the best with white.

Those are five tips wear a plain white polo shirt for various occasions. As seem above, you may need to consider having couple of white polo shirts. This may be necessary for many occasions you may attend.

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