Recommendation 6 Best Android Simulator Themed Games, Have You Tried It?

Do you want to feel the sensation of being a bus driver? Let’s play this Android simulator bus-themed game. Feel the sensation of being a bus driver like in the real world and delivering passengers to various regions.

1. Bus Simulator 17

Driving a bus is not only done in real life. You can also drive a bus by utilizing Bus Simulator 17. This game provides a variety of backgrounds that can be enjoyed by players. Starting from urban areas, suburbs, industrial areas to rural areas. You will also feel driving buses in mountainous, desert, city streets and many more.

There are many bus variants that can be chosen by players including the type of double-decker bus available on Bus Simulator 17. Besides playing alone, you can also play with your friends or other players with multiplayer mode.

2. Coach Bus Simulator

Driving a large vehicle like a bus is indeed not easy. But don’t worry, you can still feel the sensation of driving the bus easily. Of course, just relying on your smartphone.

Simply by playing this one simulator bus game, you can get the sensation of being a bus driver. In this game, you can try to drive a bus on an available map.

Not just being a bus driver, you can also become a coach for other bus drivers. In addition, this game is equipped with games to conduct bus transportation business management. Of course this game is equipped with attractive graphics.

3. Bus Simulator 3D

Playing simulation games steers buses you can do in this Bus Simulator 3D game. One of the main things that became the flagship of this game is offering 3D graphics in the game. Of course there are still many other advantages to this Bus Simulator 3D. You will feel the sensation of driving various types of buses that have been provided.

In this game, you can become a reliable bus driver like in real life. This game provides a variety of place settings, ranging from mountains, cities, to the countryside. In addition, there is also a traffic system that is equated with real life.

4. IDBS Bus Simulator

This bus simulator game was created and developed by an original Indonesian developer named IDBS Studio. Maybe you are accustomed to seeing night buses that usually take passengers between provinces. In this game, you can find the night buses in this IDBS Bus Simulator game.

There are many variations of the bus that you might recognize and find easily at the Indonesian bus terminal. However, this time you find it in the Android bus simulator game. There are 4 steering modes in playing it. In addition, the graphics presented by this game are not inferior to other bus simulator games.

5. Heavy Bus Simulator

This Android game with bus simulator theme is not much different from other bus simulator games Heavy Bus Simulator game also presents various types of buses that can be used for you to play. Not only that, even the players can feel the sensation like a bus driver like in real life. With very realistic gameplay, this game is very interesting to play.

Moreover, Heavy Bus Simulator also provides backgrounds for various cities to be more interesting. Uniquely, this bus simulator game is also equipped with a calculation of the availability of gasoline as well. So, don’t run out of gas when playing it.

6. Bus Simulator Indonesia

Do you want to feel like a bus driver in Indonesia? In this Bus Simulator Indonesia game, you might be able to get the sensation of being a bus driver. You will take passengers between cities, between provinces, even between islands like a bus driver in Indonesia.

This Android-themed bus simulator game was developed and created by Maleo developer. This Bus Simulator Indonesia also provides button controls to drive simulator buses easily and also simply. Not only that, the buses available in this game are the buses that you normally meet in Indonesia.

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