5 Worth Mentioning Catering Service in Sidoarjo

Have you ever used catering service? For most people definitely very familiar with this catering service. Because right now catering service not only used for big events only but also used for small event such as thanksgiving, birthday party, indeed family events. Because this make a lot of people to be know about catering service.

The Best Catering Service In Sidoarjo

This time catering service already exist in each region. Because everyone need this service so its development has also become very fast. One of the cities that has a lot of catering service are Sidoarjo city.
But you must really choose which catering service will use cause not all catering service has same quality. As for catering  Sidoarjo that you can use are:

1. Evelin Catering Sidoarjo

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Evelin Catering Sidoarjo more accentuate for serve order traditional dishes. Especially for you who really likes Indonesian cuisine then you will be match with this catering service. Some events that can be handled by this catering service such as celebration, thanksgiving, social gathering and etc.
Evelin Catering Sidoarjo located at Perum Istana Mega Asri Blok D-82 Sumokali-Candi, Sidoarjo.

2. Hortensia Catering And Wedding Planner

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Do you have plan to get married in the near future? If the answer is yes and you are still confused about catering service that you will use so you can use Hortensia Catering. A catering Sidoarjo, that has 13 years of experience in the catering world mainly about wedding planner and catering service.

In this catering service you can choice what kind of wedding party you want. Price of the food menu at Horhtensia Catering starts form Rp. 35.000. With this price then you can more able to save money. For arrive to Hortensia Catering you can go to Pucang, Sidoarjo.

2. Asyiva Catering

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The next catering Sidoarjo that you can use is Asyiva Catering. This catering service serving catering for buffet, wedding party, office event, and any more. In fact Asyiva Catering provide several foods menu ranging form traditional cuisine to international food. Here you can also rent some tools for buffet and decoration.

Asyiva Catering was founded in 2014. There are already many customers who use this catering service. Even many people expressed satisfaction with service this catering. Asyiva Catering located at Griya Permata Gedangan H3-37, Keboansikap, Gedangan, Sidoarjo.

3. Pelangi Catering

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If you are looking for catering Sidoarjo that have affordable prices but with a delicious taste so you can use service form Pelangi Catering. In this catering service you can order various kind of food. The quality of Pelangi Catering is no doubt and this is proven by positive reviews form customers.

You can find Pelangi Catering at Perumahan Megarsari Permai,Blok CA 17-18, Gajah Timur, Magersari, Sidoarjo.

4. Citra Catering

Citra Catering is one of the best catering service in Sidoarjo. The food menu in this catering service is also very diserve. Citra Catering located at Jl. Tenggulunan Maju, Tenggulunan, Candi, Sidoarjo.
Among the catering services discussed above you can choose according to your needs.

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