Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Materials

The kitchen is a special place for the women – it is a place where they would express their love and dedication in a plate. So, every item on this room needs to be selected correctly. The kitchen countertop has the tricky part as it is quite expensive and has to be practical function of the kitchen.

When it comes about the kitchen countertop ideas, there are many options start from the top-level to the middle-range model that offers the best quality and price. And keep in mind that each material comes with advantages and disadvantages, hence, we are here to help in choosing the best kitchen countertop there is!


The laminate kitchen countertop is made of plastic laminate material bonded to MDF or particleboard. This one comes in various size, color, and also pattern, which is perfect if you want to customize your kitchen. This is also the most inexpensive options and easy to install. Unfortunately, the laminate countertop would not add the price of your home when it is sold. It can peel up and scorch easily so it takes special treatment.

Ceramic Tiles

The other kitchen countertop materials that would be great for your kitchen are the ceramic tile. Just like laminate, it is affordable and has plenty options of colors and sizes. It is relatively easy to install for DIYer and definitely would make your kitchen looks modern. But you need to clean it regularly as the grout seams are easily stained. Also, it tends to crack.

Granite Slab

A solid slab of granite is one of the most popular options as you can take your kitchen countertop ideas to the next level. The granite is known for its durability and uniqueness. It is also considered as premium material that will improve home’s value in the future. But, you might need more cash to buy this beautiful slab. And just like other natural stones, granite needs periodic sealing to protect it.


Other natural stone options which we recommend are marbles; its magical veined patterns make this material as the ‘high-demand for countertop’ among the US homeowners. Choose the modular marble if you want to explore your kitchen counter decorating ideas because each slab is usually has different veining which create attractive pattern. Of course it is expensive and you need extra care as it is porous.


Last but not least, this natural stone is earth-masterpiece which also a great material to complement your kitchen countertop ideas. It is non-porous, stain resistance, and also has amazing veining pattern. Never question its durability because slate countertop has great strength. It is also cheaper than granite or marble. The only drawback is that slate has fewer color options.

Those are several kitchen countertop alternatives that you can choose based on your budget and taste. Make sure you choose the right material that suits your kitchen concept and budget. Think about maintenance aspect too because some people regret with their selection as they don’t know how to take care of the kitchen countertop. To get additional inspiration, cek ruang complete all designs.

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