Keys to Get the Best Minimalist Dresser Ever

It is true that bed is the most important furniture for every bedroom.

But another thing that is a must for each bedroom is the minimalist dresser.

Some people prefer a dresser in the bathroom instead of bedroom. No matter where you’re going to place your dresser, you better know how to find the right one.

Many dressers may look alike but each of them is special.

Find the most special one.

Dressers come in assorted styles and made from various material options.

Many of them look like a table, with spacious surface on top and lots of drawers under the surface.

Some others are so tiny with little number of drawers, belong to smaller rooms.

Let us give you some inspiration about choosing the best dresser for either your bedroom or bathroom.

Clues for the Best Yet Minimalist Dresser

1. Pricier for better dresser

minimalist dresser custom acnl

When you’re hunting for new dresser for your bedroom, you may want to check each dresser’s price.

Sometimes, dressers that are more expensive give you extra drawers compared to cheaper dressers with comparable sizes.

But sometimes, those expensive dressers will give you better quality without offering extra drawers. Choose wisely.

2. Minimalist dresser with more stylish looks

minimalist dresser table

Dressers in moderate price usually have hardware and drawer pulls that are purchased from general hardware manufacturers.

No wonder they all look just the same.

If you really want to get your own dresser that doesn’t look like anyone else’s, you may want to check ones in higher price range.

The hardware usually is custom designed and the look is more stylized.

3. Dresser with graduated drawers

minimalist no dresser

When you’re looking for quality, you need to look for dressers that have graduated drawers.

Find dressers that have smaller drawers at the dresser’s top and larger drawers at the dresser’s bottom.

Some other dressers in cheaper price range and lower quality have same sized drawers from top to bottom.

4. Best material for the best dresser

minimalist dresser reddit

Look for dresser made from cherry, mahogany, or maple woods.

They’re the best material for dressers; unfortunately their price is higher too.

If you cannot afford them, consider getting dresser made from oak which is in moderate range.

Pine should be the last material to consider when you’re looking for best dresser’s material.

You can put the dresser near or on the meja.

5. Look for details of the making and finishing process

minimalist white dresser

It is important to double check what we order, such as dressers for the best bathroom.

Dressers that have sprayed on finish and lacquer application usually have lower price since their quality is moderate as well.

The better dressers that may be pricier need more steps for finishing process.

Besides, those better dressers require more handwork that explains the higher price.

Make sure you look for information about the making and finishing process.

Also check for the dovetail joints both at the back and face of drawers.

If they’re stronger than glue and nails, they’re the right dressers to purchase.

Don’t forget to check drawer side that is sanded.

Those drawers will not tear your clothes up.

Now, for more details about the best dressers for your bedroom, you need to check out and all details you can find in that site.

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