Definition of Free Variables and Bound in a Research (Complete)

Definition of Variables – Variables are quantities that can change and influence an event or the results of research.

The existence of variables also helps you to analyze a problem.

Variables are also very important to use especially in scientific research, one of which is the independent variable.

Variables in a study consist of several components, namely treatment, factors and attributes studied and a conclusion will be drawn from the results of the study.

Benefits And Characteristics – Character Of Good Research Variables


Benefits of variables include preparing both tools and methods to be used to collect data, looking for the right method for analyzing a research data.

In addition, it also functions when testing hypotheses.

Some features that indicate that your research variable is good are in accordance with the purpose of your research, variables can be seen and measured.

In addition, good research variables must be identified, classified and clearly defined so as to minimize and prevent errors when collecting and processing data.

Relationship Between Free Variables And Binded Variables


There are three kinds of relationships between the independent variable and the dependent variable, which are symmetrical, asymmetrical and reciprocal.

First, symmetrical relationships are variables not affected by other variables.

Second, asymmetric relationships, that is, one variable affects other variables.

Whereas the third is a reciprocal relationship, that is, between one variable with another variable influencing each other.

Studying the relationship between the two variables is very important to do any identification process which includes the categories of independent variables and dependent variables.

The difference between the independent variable and the dependent variable is that the independent variable can affect the changes in the dependent variable.

While the dependent variable itself is the output variable that is influenced by the independent variable.

You can see an example of this in experimental research in the field of education.

You can use the method to teach as an independent variable.

However, in non-experimental research, the independent variable is something that is logical and affects the dependent variable.

Another example is for people who like to smoke.

Smoking can cause heart attack and lung cancer.

In that case, you can determine the independent variable is smoking.

Example Of Free Variables And Variables Binded In A Research


Examples of the application of independent and bound variables in the study are as follows:

The first example is research on determining the chemicals that are important for rat nutrition.

Based on the research idea, you can arrange the experimental design, namely by determining the independent variable and the dependent variable.

In this study, the important role as the independent variable was the presence or absence of chemicals.

This is because the treatment of chemicals can affect the growth and development of rats.

Later you can see the difference between mice given chemicals and those not treated with chemicals.

The dependent variable in the study was rat health.

This is because you can observe the health of mice strongly influenced by the nutrition of chemicals given to mice.

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