5 Most Interesting Mountain Destination In Java

Java Island is always interesting to explore. This is because one the Java Island there are lots of interesting things to know. Starting from the indigenous culture of the Javanese tribe, delicious culinary variety, until several tourist destinations on this island. Even when you visit this island you will find many new things and very amazing.

Indonesian government ministry center is also located on the Java Island precisely at West Java. So that in West Java Province there is more population congestion compared to other provinces. This is because many people want to find work in the capital. Despite having a dense population level, West Java still has a tourist charm that is not less interesting then other provinces.

5 Of The Best Mountains On The Java Island

Java Island also consists of some mountains are quite high. But not only the height of several mountains, on the Java Island also has a beauty that is second to none. Besides the beautiful scenery, the mountains on the Java Island also have easy hiking trail. As for some most interesting mountain in Java are:

1. Mount Salak, West Java

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Even though the Jakarta city is full of tall buildings but in this big city there are still beautiful mountains and interesting to visit. Besides the beautiful scenery form height but on Mount Salak there is also a Queen crater. Where is this crater that becomes the main atrraction possessed by Mount Salak.

2. Mount Bromo, East Java

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Mount Bromo is one of the volcanoes that is still active in East Java Even though it belongs to a volcano that is still active but there are still many tourist who come to this mountain. In fact not only domestic tourists but foreign tourists are also interesed for travelling to this mountain. The most sought after sights from Mount Bromo is desert with an area of 10 kilometers.

3. Mount Prau Dieng, Central Java

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The next most interesting mountain in Java is Mount Prau Dieng located at Central Java Mount Prau Dieng still have the authenticity of the mountain which is still protected and has not been damaged at all. On this mountain you can also find some wildlife, semarrow flower, and several other unique plants.

4. Mount Pangrango, West Java.

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For those of you who like famous figures Soe Hok Gie of course you are already familiar with Mount Pangrango. This mountain which is located in West Java province does indeed have very interesting mountain scenery. From the top of this mountain you can see the scenery from Gede Pangrango National Parks. Because this mountain located at Gede Pangrango National Parks.

5. Mount Tangkuban Perahu, West Java

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By reading or hearing the name of this mountain so you will definitely remember about historical srory from the origin of formation Mount Tangkuban Perahu. A romantic story that is very sad because of forbidden love. Besides the myth of making this mountain it turns out Mount Tangkuban Perahu has very beautiful scenery.

That was a few interesting mountain in Java that you must visit.

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